Providing drum circles for schools, corporate events, birthday parties, and other community settings.


* All drum circle programs for schools have been modified to work outdoors.
Please email for more information.


*Drumming for corporate or private events is also still available, provided we can work together to create the proper indoor or outdoor space that follows physical distancing guidelines. Please email for more information.

* Unfortunately drum circles for retirement homes and some other community spaces are currently still on hold until public health officials deem it safe to resume.  KEEP DRUMMING and

School Programs


Drum circle programs are available for all school grade levels, from SK/JK, primary, intermediate, through senior high-school. These programs are all based around playing djembe drums and may include other percussion instruments like shakers etc... All programs are a mix of rhythmic games and instruction tailored to each age group. Learning goals include understanding rhythm and patterns, playing the drum correctly to get the right sound, listening to each other and working together, among others.

Please email for more details and to see a one-page description for your class or grade level.


Corporate - Team Building for Your Business


Whether your company is a small local business, or a large corporation, you can always benefit from  team building outside the cubicle. Drum circles are a fun and engaging way to improve your employees listening, awareness, and communication skills. From ice breaking rhythm games and simple drum beats, to layers of rhythmic patterns and sounds that rely on each other, a drum circle will give your team a chance to work, play and laugh together.

Please email for more information on how to improve your team today.

Older Adults and Clients with Various Abilities


A drum circle is a great way to give older adults an interactive musical experience mixed with some exercise. No matter the level of mobility or musical knowledge, there is always an instrument for everyone. I provide drums of various sizes for all, as well as shakers and other instruments, and we will play some simple patterns and rhythm games that will have everyone in the room moving to the beat. Whether it's playing and singing along to a classic song, or just playing a rhythm that brings back memories, drum circles always fill the room with smiles.

For people with various abilities, I provide a mix of drum sizes and instruments to make sure everyone can participate in the music making experience. Rhythm games and drum beats are used in a way that allows the clients to take the lead in shaping and and creating the music. Fun games that include word play, dancing and singing along make this enjoyable for all.

Please email for more information about how drum circles can work for your clients.

Birthday Parties & Special Events


Do you want to do something different for your child's 6th birthday? Or your partner's surprise 30th? Or your Grandpa's 70th? Do you have a special event that needs a boost? Forget hiring a DJ, get the audience to make some noise! I mean music! A drum circle works for all ages and stages - if you have a pulse, you can play!

Armed with a mix of drums and percussion instruments, I'll put a few different fun and interactive rhythmic games and activities together tailored to fit your audience. We'll have everyone in the room making music, dancing and having a blast in no time!

Please email to get All Hands on the Beat of your event today!



Other Community Spaces


Drum circles can fit into many indoor and outdoor community settings, including community centers; outdoor festivals, gathering or rallies; with groups like Cubs, Scouts, Sparks, Girl Guides; in combination with yoga, meditation, and other health and wellness practices; with art and music festivals, and many more. I have some experience combining drum circles with other events and settings, and am always open to try new ways to use drumming to help communities and people grow together.

Please email for more information about how a drum circle can work in your community space.