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Dan Reiff - drummer, teacher, facilitator ~ #drums4life

I have been playing drums for over twenty years, and have performed and recorded with various artists in Durham Region and Toronto, and toured across Canada and Europe. My musical journey started at the piano, and eventually moved to drum set where I have learned various styles including rock, blues, pop, country, reggae, and more. I also have a good understanding of percussion for latin Afro-Cuban music, particularly on conga, djembe, and more.


In 2009 I traveled to Cuba for a week-long drum retreat and festival, and recently returned there in 2019. The traditional Cuban drumming and dance, along with the deep musical vibrations of the people and land, helped me to awaken my inner rhythms. My goal is to bring rhythm and music to people through performance, and instruction. Through performance, I hope to make an audience connect with the music on stage. Through private lessons and group facilitation, I hope to help people get in touch with their core rhythmic self, while developing technique and time/feel for the music. The health benefits of solo and group drumming, well known in traditional and historical culture, are now being backed by research and science. Drumming can be an outlet for stress, anxiety and other emotional pressures, and provides an alternative form of communication for those struggling to do so. I believe everyone is ingrained with rhythm, and can learn to play in a band, take part in a community drum circle, or participate in any communal musical experience. We all have our own inner rhythms ingrained within us and I believe if we learn to tap into that with patience and practice, anyone can learn.

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