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My Approach To One-On-One Lessons

I believe anyone can learn to be rhythmic and play drums in one form or another. For drum set, I provide a balanced approach of understanding technique and groove, with emphasis on playing by ear and feeling the beat. I use a mixture of book material and playing along to music, and work together with each student to develop their skill, style, and confidence.

I also teach hand drumming technique, usually on a djembe or similar type of drum. On your own, hand drumming can be meditative and healing, providing a path towards stress and anxiety relief. Hand drumming is a core part of music and rhythm therapy for all ages and stages, and I have experience working with adults with disabilities, adults in elder  care, as well as young children with attention concerns and/or on the autism spectrum. Don't be a zombie, tap into your inner drummer today!

In Person Lessons


I teach drum set and hand drum lessons in Durham Region and the surrounding area, as well as online video lessons.

For more information like cost and availability/schedule please email, or call 905-449-6309.

Online Lessons


Online lessons are available through various video options including Zoom, Whatsapp, and Facetime. For more info about cost and scheduling please email

Djembe and Conga Lessons


In the last few years I have delved into hand drumming, specifically with Afro-Cuban congas and African djembe. I am now able to offer lessons on both, including traditional and popular Afro-Cuban rhythms for Conga.

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