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* All drum circle programs for schools and other community spaces are back on, and will follow all COVID safety guidelines as needed.
Please email for more information.


*Drumming for corporate or private events is also still available - we can work together to create the proper indoor or outdoor space that follows physical distancing guidelines. Please email for more information.

* Drum circles for retirement homes and other community spaces are back on!

Book a Drum Circle For Your Event or Community Setting

Group drumming provides the opportunity to enjoy a shared musical experience that anyone can participate in. There are many health and related benefits, including stress relief, active expression, and communicating with others. They can also be a great exercise for group / team building in work environments, as well as fun and useful learning experiences for kids. I have worked with schools, retirement homes, and people with disabilites, and have found that EVERYONE can get in touch with their inner rhythm and have a great time. Contact me about unique drum circle programs for work, schools and community settings, birthday parties and special events, by emailing


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